Warranty Policy

The warranty period is 6 months from receipt of your Chilpil chair. The warranty extends to cover any manufacturing defects including the seams and zippers. In the unlikely event of there being a fault with your Chilpil chair please email us at to report the fault. You will be contacted within 24 hours to arrange the collection. The polystyrene beads will need to be removed from the chair and the chair folded and placed in a box for collection by our courier company. The chair will be repaired and returned to you within 2 weeks of receiving the returned chair. More details will be provided by our agent when contacting you.

Please note your Chilpil chair may need topping up of polystyrene beads after some time of extended use. The warranty does not extend to cover this. If on receipt of your chair you feel the chair is too firm and would like a softer feel, remove some beads and keep for a later time when topping up may be required.  Polystyrene beads can be purchased from our offices or at a stockist near you.