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Brown, Purple, Red, Light Grey, Turquoise

Filling & Delivery

Include filling + Delivery, Exclude filling + Free Delivery, Include filling, collect in Cape Town

Size: 80cm (width) x 100cm (length) x 80cm (height)

Product Description

    All of our Chilpil chairs are made from ultra durable Polyester 1600D waterproof material with a high quality zipper. We have also included an inner lining which receives the polystyrene bean filling. When ordering your Chilpil chair you have the option of the polystyrene bead filling being included or excluded with your order. If excluded, you will need to purchase the polystyrene filling in your area, if available. More information in the "Ordering chair without beads" section below.

    Delivery information

    Delivery will take 3 to 5 working days to arrive at your address, delivered to your door. The cost of delivery will vary depending on the style ordered and if you are located in a major delivery centre or an outlying area. Major centres consist of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, George, Port Elizabeth, Kimberley and East London.  The delivery cost will be incorporated into the price of your purchase. You may also collect your Chilpil chair from our offices in Cape Town. Please select the “Included, collect in Cape Town” option when choosing your Chilpil. Obviously no delivery cost will then be added. You will be contacted as soon as your chair is ready for collection – usually within 1 or 2 days of ordering. If you order a Chilpil chair without the beads there will be no delivery cost as we will distribute this to you for free. You will need to purchase the polystyrene beads and fill the chair yourself. Filling the chair is not difficult and this option is wise if you have a stockist of re-grind or virgin polystyrene beads near you.

    How will you receive your chair?

    Your chair will arrive wrapped in bubble wrap and shrink wrap. Please take care when opening the wrapping to not cut any part of your chair. Your chair will need to be puffed out in order to evenly distribute the polystyrene beads around the chair. It is now ready to use. If you feel there are too many beads in the chair and you would like a softer feel, unzip the outer zip of the polyester chair to locate the inner lining. Carefully unzip the inner lining and remove some of the beads. Keep these beads to use at a later stage if topping up is required. The most effective way of removing the beads is to use a small bucket, scooping up the beads and storing in a black bin bag or bag of similar size. Once enough beads are removed, carefully close the inner lining zip as well as the outer zip.

    Ordering chair without beads

    Ordering a Chilpil chair without the beads should only be done if you are able to purchase regrind or virgin beads from a stockist near you. The quantity of beads required will vary between about 5 kg for the single to about 8 kg for the double and about 6kg for the pool lounger. On receipt of your chair, place the inner lining inside the polyester outer of your chair, making sure you match up the inner lining so that it is correctly inserted. Make a wide opening in order to allow the polystyrene beads to flow into the inner lining. Once the inner lining has the desired amount of beads, carefully close the lining zip. Now the outer chair can be zipped closed. Puff the chair, evenly distributing the beads around, and feel for comfort. If more beads are required, simply unzip the outer and inner lining and proceed to add more beads.

    Care of your Chilpil chair.

    Your Chilpil chair is made from a polyester 1600D material which allows you to use your chair outdoors as it is waterproof. Water will not penetrate the inner lining. Direct sunlight will cause the colour of the material to fade slightly over a period of time, so avoid direct sunlight over an extended period of time. To remove dirty marks from your Chilpil chair simply wipe with a damp cloth and soapy water. Do not jump on your Chilpil chair as this will cause strain on the seams.


    80cm (width) x 100cm (length) x 80cm (height)

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    Brown, Purple, Red, Light Grey, Turquoise

    Filling & Delivery

    Include filling + Delivery, Exclude filling + Free Delivery, Include filling, collect in Cape Town


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