All of our Chilpil chairs are made from ultra durable Polyester 1600D waterproof material with a high quality zipper. We have also included an inner lining which receives the polystyrene bean filling. The waterproof polyester material allows you to use your chair outside as water will not penetrate the interior. It can be easily wiped dry and ready to use when you are. Use your Chilpil chair by the pool, outside on your deck or balcony, on your boat or just in your garden as a comfortable, relaxing chair. Although perfectly suited for the outside, you can just as easily chill in one of our ultra comfy Chilpil chairs in your favourite room in your house.

When ordering your Chilpil chair you have the option of ordering with the filling or without the filling. Filling can be purchased in your area and can then be filled by simply placing the inner lining inside the waterproof polyester chair and filling with the desired amount of polystyrene beads, depending on the style of chair ordered. Alternatively, we can supply the polystyrene beads with the Chilpil chair ordered. There is a delivery cost attached to this option as the beads make up the bulk of the chair space.